In Liquid Feed, we are proud to valorize many different co-products from the food (sugar, yeast, starch) industries which can bring unique benefits in ruminants nutrition.

By increasing fiber digestibility and global animal performance, our liquid feeds contribute to a better valorization of the primary agricultural resources employed in ruminants feed such as forages.


The use of molasses in ruminant nutrition started with the goals of enhancing feed palatability and limiting ration sorting.

Over the last decades, sugars have been found to bring specific benefits on rumen function and efficiency, in addition to their well-known energetic role.

Even more recently, scientific research demonstrated that liquid feeds combining diversified sugars, soluble protein and organic acids contribute to increase fiber digestibility more than their individual components separately.

And in Liquid Feed we keep looking towards the future.


As liquid feeds specialists, we are committed to help farmers optimize the performance of their herd through precision liquid nutrition.

This is why the ED&F Man and Südzucker groups are continuously involved in scientific research programmes, in collaboration with universities and research centres.

Through these programmes, the ED&F Man and Südzucker Groups have gained unrivalled experience regarding liquid products.
An experience that we apply everyday to offer liquid solutions that are always more innovative and with proven efficacy for our customers.


In our modern and high-precision liquid feeds plant we are able to manufacture sophisticated liquid feeds, using a wide range of liquid raw materials and additives.


We manage our entire supply chain applying very strict logistics and quality control procedures. Our main goal is to guarantee our clients the safest feed products with constant and high nutritional quality.